Ranbanka Palace
At the beginning of the 20th Century, arts and architecture were flourishing in Jodhpur. In 1927, the current Ranbanka Palace hotel was commissioned as a part of the residence for Maharajadhiraj of Jodhpur, Sir Ajit Singh ji (1907–1978). He was the younger brother of Maharaja Umaid Singh and youngest son of Maharaja Sir Sardar Singh ji. As Prime Minister of the state he was allotted space to make his home.

Ranbanka Palace is a part of Ajit Bhawan and was designed by an English architect. This magnificent sandstone building effortlessly captures the era’s salient pragmatism and pronounced opulence. It was built proportionately with two floors in mind and has been executed in the red Jodhpur stone from its era. The high ceiling and mezzanine on the ground floor regulates air circulation, allowing the mansion to remain cool even during the scorching summer months.

Sir Ajit Singh ji was known for his fairness and citizens flocked to his palace for intervention on key concerns. The main courtyard of Ranbanka Palace was a meeting place for local dignitaries and people from the villages. The palace boasted of jails, stables, a temple, a well, an orchard and large traditional gardens in the front of the house. The roof of the house showcases intricate and interesting latticework from the era.


In the year 2000, Ranbanka Palace was converted into a hotel and is today a certified classic heritage hotel. It is one of the foremost experiences of regal hospitality in India.

(Source : www.ranbankahotels.com)